Stop Stage Fright

Is stop stage fright hypnosis with brain entrainment right for you?

Do you freeze up?

Do you wish you could just get past it and stop being held back from your dreams and hopes?

If you have everything to gain by getting over this fear and nothing at all to lose other than the fears, then this session may be just what you need.

Do you need a way to:

  • Just get out there and do it
  • Come away from a performance knowing you nailed it
  • Have certainty that you are in control of your focus
  • Have unwavering self-confidence, that oozes out of you before during, and after the performance
  • The ability to seize the opportunities as they come to you.
  • Automatically be free of the pit in your stomach.
  • Unconsciously be in control of your limbs hands and knees, so they are poised and graceful.

Then you want Stop Stage Fright hypnosis. So you can have these things:

Imagine your legs are sturdy and strong. Your heart rate is normal. Before the performance you have positive thoughts that the audience is breaking off in little circles after your performance, to talk about how impressed they are with your delivery.

Imagine you have an unconscious free flowing upbeat spunk in your step that magnetizes the positive outlook of others around you. They feel the positive energy exuding out of you and this fills them with a sense of accomplishment and ease.

Imagine your peers giving you positive feedback, and looking to you for advice. You are overflowing with influential charisma that is unique to you, and others notice it. You feel secure. You are proud of the special things that make you stand apart and above the competition.

All you have to do is click, put your feet up relax and this session will inject these messages into your total being. Once planted, the seeds of success will grow within you. Hypnosis is not for everybody. It’s for smart successful people. Look at the shining stars using it, as well as the professional athletes.

Why are they are using it?

Because they are smart, and that is why they are successful. That is why they stand out. They were smart enough to wonder about things…And their life is full. WONDERFUL.

They found out that it is not about chance or luck, and in some cases, it’s not even about perfect talent and perfect skill. One main ingredient to the make a perfect performance is the ability to get out there and let your talents shine. It’s about knowing every day, that you have a certain amount of control over the action it takes to get desirable outcomes.

If the successful performers forgot this for a moment, chances are, they quickly found ways to remember it and keep it at the forefront of their thinking in order to get where they wanted to be. Maureen’s silly definition of some of life’s most valuable terms:


(noun) One who has been smart enough to realize that a cubicle has been a great place to help with survival, long enough to sneak out and have a little fun trying new things for this one has learned that the security of the cubicle is for those times when you must have a safe landing; One who has been bought to a point where they begin to live life for themselves; One who has come into the awareness that the big bad boogie monster, is never going to know they took a trip to the hypnosis download site to get a little something more for themselves;

One who sneaks into the creative corners of their mind to explore and grow into an amazing, captivating, and dynamic performer.

Overcoming Stage Fright will stop stage fright, and will change the way you think, act, and feel about those actions that are needed to get YOU to the next level and have phenomenal results when you in front of the crowd. Feed your seeds of daring to go inside, to a deeply relaxed comfort zone, and leave your cares behind. Get ripe and sprout.

This stop stage fright session titled Overcoming Stage Fright delivers seeds, water, with lots of fertilizer to grow success within you. I have made it affordable for everyone. If you are one of those who is willing to invest $10.00 to have some great support, here is what you will get:

You can use the three sessions to target various aspects of stage fright.

Deep Relax… 30-minute session to release your fears and get you completely relaxed. The progressive relaxation is very deep and the suggestions included will assist you in developing more stage presence and poise. It includes the latest technology, Brainwave Entrainment.

Clearing…. 45-minute session designed with clearing work in order to allow you the opportunity to de-weed your subconscious mind, of those thoughts, beliefs, and negative attitudes that lie outside of your conscious awareness. You begin to heal that part of you that wonders “What’s up?… I know I can do it because I have many times when I am alone yet when I am in front of everyone and I know they are staring at me I can’t do as well. I don’t know why, but, I just freeze up.”Addresses all those thoughts that are out of the conscious awareness that got you thinking you might not be able to stop stage fright. This will prepare you to fully integrate the new suggestions with a clean slate. Brainwave Technology included.

Reinforcement Suggestions… 10-minute session has direct suggestions that you can use to plant new seeds into your subconscious mind to continue to feel new levels of confidence and increase your self-esteem. This stop stage fright hypnosis download is guaranteed to give you new freedom from doubt and insecurity about performing in front of an audience.

You are going to like the soothing effects of the Brainwave Technology for Anxiety Reduction (because you are smart like a ninja.. heh)

This combination of the three sessions will prepare you to jump into the performance of your dreams. Be calm, poised, and professional in your performance. Whether you are in front of 100,000 or a classroom of 50, you can finally be rid of fears, and stop stage fright. Lower the stress at the unconscious level so your physical symptoms will subside allowing you to focus on the delivery.

Suggestions to use the energy of the audience in a positive way, in order to increase the effectiveness of your performance, delivery, and stage presence. Stop stage fright is a new hypnosis /brain entrainment program developed to help you if are suffering from the panic and anxiety of being in front of an audience. Click, Put your feet up, Relax, and Be Happy:) As you begin to stop stage fright now.

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