The Superconscious Mind

The superconscious mind is a wide-open topic

It’s a word that has made its way into conversations as of late. It has been used in many contexts. I use it here to describe my personal awareness of a state that is beyond the subconscious mind.

Its actual location in the human body has not even been validated by scientific research as of yet. However, we have a lot of clues that it may be somewhere between the heart and the brain. Since we have mental access to it, it is considered part of the mind. Some people access this state in different ways.

Studies indicate that what I am referring to as the Superconscious, is a state where are become aware of things such as our undeniable connection to each other and everything else we perceive. My guess is this is where creativity and intuition come from.

The power of the superconscious mind has been hinted at in all major (and minor) world religions. But, it wasn’t until recently that science started to take notice also, with a device known as the Random Event Generator

We have seen great stretches in the ability of modern technology to take us to new levels of evidence concerning those things that have long been considered to be outside the realms of proof that these things actually exist.

Thanks to the creative genius of the folks that have been working on this device, we now have what some consider concrete evidence as to the existence of our ‘superconscious mind’.

It’s exciting because although you may have never heard about it in mainstream places, it’s working its way there. t is most exciting for those that believed in the existence of a universal mind and its existence as a place that we can learn to identify and come to a greater understanding of, and this REG is providing some clues about how to finally prove it!

This is so wonderful because, as we validate the existence of the superconscious mind, it becomes easier to apply the benefits of our awareness of it, for our benefit in our everyday lives.

Now, if you ask me, that’s power.

And guess what else …

The more random people tap into the more it generalizes to produce even MORE intense effects in exponential ways too.

Now, if you ask me, that’s powerful.

Kinda way of there, Kinda Cool!!!

Everybody wants to have a positive effect on this world we live in. So the question is how do we use it for this purpose?

My guess is that as we tap into it and use this mighty force to allow for more positive action in our lives we are literally changing the world one person at a time, in an exponential manner.

One way I have heard that sounded to me like a description of the superconscious mind is from a story told by Deepak Chopra…

A doctor is doing research on the human brain, by activating certain parts of the brain through sensors. He has these sensors attached to a woman’s brain. He activates the part of the motor cortex, and the woman’s arm moves up.

He says, “What’s happening?” and she replies, ” My arm is moving up.”

He says, “Are you making your arm move up?”.

“No” the woman replies.

So he says, ” Why don’t you make your arm move left or right?”

And she did.

End of story. What’s intriguing is this…

We know that the motor cortex executes the command, but when the woman chose to move her arm right or left, where is the part of the brain that gave the command to move her arm?

The part of the brain that made the actual choice?

No one has found it. That is why it is the end of the story. Scientists have looked in every part of the brain and the rest of the body, yet they can’t find “the commander”. The best book I have read so far that has somewhat nailed it down to certain chemical states, in the brain is called “The Neurophysiology Of Enlightenment “

It is a rather scientific read, I found it to be too technical for me to stick with because it’s a lot to chew. Since I am not so schooled in the study of chemistry I did not read the entire thing but I thumbed through it enough to find it validated my suspicion that there were others out there who were wondering about these things and the man who wrote it was Dr. Keith Wallace. My understanding at the time I was reading it was that he had been studying the work of Maharishi Mahesh the master who bought the mainstream Transcendental Meditation. For any of you who are inclined to easily absorb chemistry concepts, I suggest trying to find it.

I loved it because I got the general idea of the author’s intent to validate this superconsciousness before we had the modern technology to validate it through the use of some of the forms you will see discussed on this site.

I do not believe it is in print any longer I have not found it recently in any search engines. Up until recently, it has always been an esoteric field of study.

However, it is making its way into the mainstream, as more and more studies define new ways to the validity of its effects. Using the superconscious mind, you have the power to achieve much more than when you are relying solely on your logical conscious mind.

Simply because this is where the creative forces of matter in existence seem to meet up this is the power that drives them in this state, or place.

What does this have to do with Hypnosis?

By getting into the subconscious mind you may find it more rapidly enhances your ability to find states that touch the superconscious mind.

I realize you came here to find out more about how this exciting field of study can affect you and your life. So I suggest you get in the middle of it and try it out for yourself…. why not try expanding your conscious awareness with a free session.

This will give you a clearer first-hand understanding of altered states of consciousness and help you in creating the life you are seeking while you are at it.

Here is my favorite with most people looking to expand their consciousness and one thing is for sure you will love the relaxing effects.

Being in the superconscious mind is very exhilarating. Remember it takes practice so keep listening. Another book with useful information on how to do this came about quite a while ago even before we had the technology to prove its ideas.

Some of you may have heard of it .. the book is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It has been said that every great world leader in recent history has read this book and pondered its contents, so check it out too. At least thumb through it to get the jest of how powerful this author thought your mind is.

My take is that everything we call luck, coincidence, or synchronicity is the superconscious mind.

And when you learn how to tap into this power and let it work for you, there is no known limit to what we can experience in the here and now depending on how we use this awesome part of the superconscious mind.

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MAKE it a greater day each and every day by choosing to grow your mysterious superconscious mind awareness!