Brain Entrainment

The Power of Suggestions

The power of suggestion is everywhere. It’s almost a part of human nature. So my guess is, you landed here to find out what’s in it for you.

A lot

Knowing that you are susceptible to getting the swine flu by exposing yourself to someone who has it, gives you the power of choice to take whatever action is necessary to protect yourself. This puts you in control of your actions, which get you the things YOU want. Or, in this case, what you do not want.

Knowing you are susceptible to making choices, by exposing your mind to what others want you to think, puts you in control too. For example, take a class of students. They’re going over the answers to their tests with the teacher.

She calls on one student, “Tom, what’s the answer to #3?” and Tom replies, “A”. So, then maybe the teacher turns to another student and asks the same question to Jim. Let’s say Jim thinks the answer was “B”, however, Jim gives the same answer “A” because Tom did.

And I’m sure you know this is called…peer pressure. The statistics say that something like 65% of us will give the wrong answer just because we heard someone else say it, even if we know it’s the wrong answer.

Studies done by social researcher Soloman Asch validate this. In his experiments, subjects were placed in a classroom setting and given content that they later were quizzed on.

The questions were very easy to answer correctly, and students in previous tests reached 98% accuracy. So in this class, they were placed with 6-9 peer groups to discuss the answers in a group format.

The subjects were not told there were confederate peers who purposely stated their wrong answers to the group. Believe it or not, after hearing the peers all give the wrong answer, the subjects gave the wrong answer agreeing with the group thinking. Yep, they did…can you remember a time when maybe you did? I can, hate to admit it but yes, me too. That was long ago before I learned how to ALWAYS think for myself…

The power of suggestion is very strong. Asch used 7- 12 clinical trials and used these experiments to validate his findings, that in fact, people have a very strong inclination to conform to peer group standards even when they know they are wrong. So our minds are very susceptible to all sorts of untruths and misconceptions.

The dynamic potentials of the human mind are endless. How far we can take this information is inconceivable to us at this point. Another great example of the power of suggestion is the placebo effect.

Why the placebo effect works, is still being researched by scientists. Many hypnotherapists have known about how powerful its effects can be and have used the power of suggestion to help people for years. It has just taken academics a while, to fund, and conduct measurable experiments to prove the validity of these concepts. The overall conclusion is that there is considerable power in suggestion.

You can use the power of suggestion to literally change your life for the good. The neat thing is you have the power of choice. You can choose to decide what you let into your mind. I know that might sound ridiculous, but hear me out…

If you say to yourself, “don’t smoke”. Your subconscious mind hears the action “smoke”.

Since we know this, we restructure the suggestions to say something like “breathe refreshing, revitalizing, fresh clean oxygen”.

So that is what this site is all about -successful mind training so you get more happiness.

It’s about how to put you in control of what is going into your mind for a few minutes a day with the simple use of direct positive suggestions, that you really want, injected into your mind. While you kick back, put your feet up and relax, while listening to my voice and the gentle background music.

I am coining it the ‘personal self-development commercial’. It is a commercial for you, that gets you what you really want in your life.

AND IT WORKS!! so it’s pretty cool for you!

Of course, there are a lot of other factors to it such as, you being in a receptive state while in a  trance however, this writing is about the power of suggestion.