Hypnosis for Insomnia

Hypnosis for Insomnia is a by far the most popular topic in hypnosis right now. Due to the statistics that indicate sleep deprivation is on the rise, and the fact that hypnosis for insomnia enhanced with brainwave entrainment is the best solution as of yet. This approach is very effective in alleviating the stress related to not getting the basic human need for enough rest met.

Are you done with being tired? Are you ready to relive your weariness that you’d try anything, even hypnosis for insomnia? Most find that this is the last house on the block when they are struggling with all the effects that insomnia presents. This may be your new day.

Are medications becoming a normal option for you? Are you trying to deal with the side effects and worried about becoming dependent on the pharmacy for your sleep needs? Are you ready to be free of needing chemicals, that deplete your overall well-being?

Then you have come to the right place. This approach will not let you down. Studies show that hypnosis for insomnia enhanced with brain entrainment is very effective. Hypnosis for insomnia with brain entrainment is scientifically proven to actually CURE, yes CURE insomnia over time.

Brain wave entrainment combined with hypnosis for insomnia lets you begin to guide your brain synapses with sound waves. Simply by listening to this technology specifically designed to target insomnia, you will begin to go through the normal natural patterns that most people go through when they drift off to a good night’s sleep.

Using progressive relaxation done with verbal suggestions, you begin to let go of tension and stress, while you sleep, so you will get the most out of your sleep. In addition, the benefits of having a natural dreaming pattern will allow you to be more productive and enhance your focus while you are awake. This way your life will no longer be passing you by, due to poor decision-making ability, as a result of living on sleep deprivation.

Hypnosis for insomnia has been helping many get a true picture of what a good night’s sleep is all about. There is a standard system the brain works through in individuals who have normal sleep patterns:


A light waking state where your thought processes are in full force. You are in this state while attempting to enter into a relaxed state.


This is the lightest sleep state that allows you to begin to start using your imagination and have some fantasy thinking while your cognitive thinking, critical mind, begins to wind down so that you can fall into the next light sleep state.


In this state, you may not have a little conscious recollection of thoughts and dreams, or fantasies. Typically you have amnesia while gently moving through this state. Here is where you begin to relax, and you naturally experience the fulfillment of your need to access your natural ability to let go of physical stress. Something medication may not always achieve. During this state stress either emotional or physical is released, in order for you to get the most out of the next sleep state.


This is where healing occurs and your body needs this state in order to repair lost energy and any heal physical stress. This state allows for rejuvenation. This is also the state in which your body does this wondrous thing that is vital to your health and well-being – it heals. This is where many hormones are released and your body is preparing you to absorb and distribute them to all areas of your body. During this stage, your body acts on all its own, as it enters the state known as REM (rapid eye movement).

By using a self-hypnosis for the insomnia process, you will achieve even greater success with overcoming insomnia, by targeting your own fears cares, and worries that often keep you awake at night, this leads to lowered stress levels.

Affirmations are the conscious use of words to bring about changes you desire. With hypnosis for insomnia, it is like you are doing affirmations at an exponentially accelerated rate. One way to do this is to catch yourself saying things that are repetitive and reinforce any words that have negative associations with these words: sleep, rest, or tired.

Try to catch yourself in your daily routine of communicating. It may be interesting to you to find out whether or not you constantly bombard your mind with words that reinforce your insomnia. Such phrases as “I am sick and tired of never getting enough sleep.” “I am so sick and tired of …fill in the blank.” “Such and such wear me out” These types of phrases are better left unsaid. You can find positive ways to express yourself by simply changing your frame of reference. One way to do this is to state your feelings about whatever situation you are facing, rather than stating some type of negative effect it has on you.

Here is one: “It just feels redundant to be caught in this cycle of not getting proper rest.” If that’s just too corny, and not something you would normally say, go with something that fits you and your personality.

How about this one: “ I am at the point where I’ve got to do something different” For most this is something they could actually hear themselves saying… so it would be a great substitute.

Why? -It contains the element of control you have over the situation and it invites you to be open to a solution or new course of action that is yet to be discovered. -It can be an easy way to state your thoughts about something without the need to constantly self-monitor your feelings. – It’s flexible, like most catchy phrases we all like to use, you can change up the innuendo, by the mere inflection of your vocal tones. It may be a good phrase to practice and see if you can replace any negative statements like those listed above if you catch yourself spitting them out now and then. -It is a suitable way to deal effectively with negative thinking patterns for this purpose.

Seemingly harmless phrases that are commonly used have an effect on our mental programming. Begin to change that around a bit by consciously replacing some phrases you use. This is a passive form of self-hypnosis for insomnia. Experiment with the ones that work the best for you. This is a simple way to use self-hypnosis. So try it out.

If you find that this does not apply to you, then you are one step ahead of the game.

Give yourself permission to worry on paper before you retire to your bed. Sit at a table and write about what is going on for a minimum of 3 pages every night. If once you get going you find there is more to write let it roll and get it out on paper.

After you complete the writing finish with the sentence “Now that I have let go of these worries by writing them out I will sleep better tonight. ” This is a form of self-hypnosis for insomnia. This also helps you be honest with yourself. You may be one of those who will want to look for areas where you may want to make changes in your dealing with whatever stresses have come up in your day-to-day dealing with life.

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By all means, don’t be afraid of who you really are. You have control over yourself and only you, so be on the lookout for your shortcomings, they tend to show up here. Don’t be afraid of them, know that everyone has them.

Those things that may be keeping you awake may be things that you are struggling to find self-forgiveness around. It is perfectly okay to find out you may not have said this or that the way you would have liked to.

By getting it out on paper you will see that you are a person who is dealing with life and all its opportunities for growth potential. You are certainly as worthy as anyone else of being forgiving with yourself.

That way you will be more forgiving with others as well.

So choose to overcome the temptation to shut down if this happens. Seek support from others if this becomes necessary. Anyone trying to function on sleep deprivation is bound to have bouts of not being at their best.

Once you realize that is okay for now, the sooner you will move past it. In order to begin to not be the cranky, hurting person who is suffering from insomnia, anymore. The energy of resistance gains momentum here and will wind up working against you. Allow for whatever is, let it be here, that way you will be lowering the energy dynamic, and eventually the resistance will subside as well.

That is why sleep is a need and not a want.

Hypnosis for insomnia is designed with metaphors that allow you to be calm and relaxed regardless of what challenges you may be facing.

The hypnosis for insomnia suggestions is designed to get you through your insomnia so you can have the benefits of getting more sleep and less crankiness and body pain.

It doesn’t matter which state of your particular sleeping patterns is being disrupted that is causing you to get hung up because the brain entrainment is sufficient enough to guide your brain past it.

That combined with the dreaming states induced by the suggestions created will work together to guide your brain into a normal sleeping pattern.

That goes for those times when you wake in the middle of the night and find yourself tossing and turning unable to get back to sleep. You may want to learn about how to get yourself into a place of total relaxation, by learning more about some self-hypnosis techniques.

For those nights that you are away from home, with the convenience of the mp3 download enhanced with brainwave technology, you are ensured that your brain will follow along consistently and begin to build a habit of going through each state as it should normally.